Inspired in the Kitchen

There was a time I truly believed I was an amazing cook. I’ve discovered I was wrong about that. Sad, but true. I’m an okay cook, and I love my own cooking but some may find my food too spicy. For others, too daring or different. And truth be told, the more I think I know about cooking, the less attention I pay to recipes, and therefore I burn things, or they come out underdone, I over-season, under-season, substitute ingredients assuming it’ll all come out fine. What I’m left with is steak that’s too rare, soup that’s too salty, runny casseroles, and cakes and breads with sagging, under-done centers. I blame the stove as often as not, but I’ve finally realized the problem is simply me. I’m just not as good of a cook as I thought I was.

But that’s not going to stop me! I’ll just keep messing around in the kitchen, dusting everything in flour, piling towers of dirty dishes in the sink, dripping goop on the floor, and being completely incensed when my husband doesn’t make any kind of comment about the food I’ve prepared for him… good, bad, or, “This is interesting. What exactly is it, anyway?”

Having said all of that, I’ll say I still believe I have some game in the kitchen. I know the basics of how to do most things involving food. I’d go as far as to say, I’ve known much of what I know since I’ve been in my twenties, thanks to a mother who loved cooking and baking and a sister who actually can cook anything to perfection. Seems I’ve done it all: from making a roux, to homemade mayonnaise, to assembling a turducken—I’ve canned meat, frozen corn, raised gardens, chickens, herbs, goats — not that the goats had anything to do with the kitchen.

The point is, I’ve delved. Oh yes, I’ve delved. And true, many of the things I’ve tried have not turned out perfectly. Others have been wonderful. But after all the years I’ve cooked and baked, in the end, it’s the most simple and homey foods I love best, both to eat and to create.

Remember, food is for feeding the ones we love, whether they be family or friends who feel like family. Now, let’s get cooking. See the drop-down tab under the “cooking tab” to find recipes.