Welcome to my website! Make yourself at home. Go ahead and raid the fridge, dig through the cupboards, plop down on the couch and read a book. Mi casa es su casa. Hey, if there’s a cat on the fireplace mantel, just scratch him behind the ears. That’s Mr. Smudge.

Here, you can find out a little about what makes me tick, learn about my books and go to links to buy them, and even check out my book trailers and my Pay-it-Forward website, Indie Book Trailers & More. You can contact me, and even read about what’s new in my little writing world.

If you’re comfortable here, invite your friends. Everybody’s welcome!


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Gina. Awhile back you had a jewelry. Party online with $5 or $10 necklaces and bracelet. I know I choice two necklaces. I haven’t from anyone about them Let me know about this subject. Mary Jane Hilger.


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